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Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 has a fishing minigame that's a 'fan-favourite'

We spoke to Jean-Sebastien Decant in Montreal.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

We were recently out in Montreal to visit Ubisoft and take a look at Far Cry 5, and during our time there we spoke with narrative director Jean-Sebastien Decant about the game, and more specifically what players can expect to be doing away from the main story.

"Because we discovered it when we went there, we put a lot of love on the fishing," he explained. "For instance, there is a fly fishing minigame that can be played. This is already a fan-favourite when we presented the game in different places, people started to make a contest out of who would get the biggest fish."

"But there are planes, many different planes, hydro planes, planes with weapons. There are helicopters that really give a new perspective on how you can see the world and also tackle the challenges. Because it's farmland we have plenty of cattle and things like that, and also tractors which can be used in a pretty nice, destructive way."

"We have plenty of submissions that are about exploring places and trying to scavenge goods, weapons, things to craft, and so on and so forth," Decant continued "So these are like mini puzzles to try and understand how to get into a place that was created by someone who doesn't want you to get in."

What side activity do you think you'll be enjoying most?

Far Cry 5