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Phantom Halls

Phantom Halls gets a Halloween update

Including a new multiplayer update and brand new content.

Phantom Halls, Incendium's game about exploring various creepy settings and defeating monsters, has received an update for Halloween, adding new content just in time for the spookiest holiday of the year.

The Steam Early Access game has received new Halloween-themed enemies via the update, as well as new traps and environments to spice up the scares. What's more is that there's an early prototype of a multiplayer component as well, as well as some UI improvements.

Phantom Halls has been out since March in Early Access, so this is a big update to the game. "Phantom Halls is the perfect game to play at Halloween, so we wanted to reward our loyal players with a seasonal update," said Incendium founder Llexi Leon. "You'll find scarecrows, vampires, pumpkin traps, a Pumpkin King and more."

"The most commonly requested feature in Phantom Halls has been multiplayer, and we're really pleased to be able to add this to the game," he added. "The version in the latest update is a very early prototype and not at all indicative of the finished thing - but we wanted to get it in front of people and start getting feedback as soon as possible, as has been our approach to Early Access from day one."

Phantom Halls can be found on Steam for £7.49 usually, but right now it has a Halloween discount and costs £3.74. Have you had a chance to visit Phantom Halls?

Phantom Halls