Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

NeoGAF rumour claims Netflix is coming to Switch next year

And that Metroid Prime 4 will have a subtitle.

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Over on NeoGAF, the source of a lot of rumours and gossip, a user by the name of ElectricBlanketFire has shared what they claim to be information about upcoming Nintendo news, some of which involves big titles.

The first claim they share is that "a sequel to a 3DS game is coming to Switch," with no added details, and that "Netflix (but not Hulu) is coming Q1. Announcement will be tied with a Netflix-produced show."

According to the post we'll also see themes arrive with an update on Christmas Day, which will be free if you own the game or amiibo, and a new spinoff will be arriving exclusively to the eShop too, using assets from an already-released title.

What's more is that Metroid Prime 4 allegedly also has a subtitle that people know already, and the first footage will be in a January Direct. In regards to Arms, apparently Little Mac was almost in the game, but "there's a reason he's not."

ElectricBlanketFire has shared hints about games in threads prior to announcements before, but that doesn't mean that all of these are true, so take each one with a pinch of salt. Is Netflix the standout claim here though?

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

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