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Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 is overhauling visuals this year

With help from Creative Assembly too.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Football manager 2018 has just received two brand new trailers that show off the new Football Intelligence and Matchday Experience in the game, the latter of which involves a brand new graphics engine as well as changes to the UI and HUD so players can get a totally new visual style this year.

This involves not only new tweaks to the existing formula but also new motion capture animations to make matches seem that bit more real, and as mentioned in the trailer the goalkeepers were a big part of this. They even worked with Creative Assembly on the game's visuals, the studio known for the Total War series.

The Football Intelligence trailer, on the other hand, is about the all-important transfers and changes made to this side of the game, and you can watch both videos down below.

Do you like the look of the changes made?

Football Manager 2018

Thanks, PC Gamer.