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Warframe's Plains of Eidolon expansion launches today

New gameplay modes and more added to Digital Extremes' online shooter.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

Warframe's world just got bigger today with the launch of the free-to-play expansion Plains of Eidolon on PC/Steam (there's a console version on the way, although that's not due to land until later this year). The expansion offers plenty of new content for dedicated Tenno to tackle, including a monstrous new enemy, the titular Eidolon.

The expansion marks a fresh approach from Digital Extremes, who are giving players a sizeable new sandbox to explore, with new weapons and loot to uncover, and perhaps most importantly, a new warframe to master (it's called Gara, and you can see a trailer below for more info). There's a new communal space for up to fifty players called Cetus, and as you can see from the key features we've added below, plenty more besides.

⦁ Landscapes: Plains of Eidolon is the first continual Warframe environment offering players an Open Zone in which to explore, fight, discover, spearfish, mine, collect and play
⦁ Cetus: Mingle, browse, buy, craft, and take on challenges in the marketplace of Cetus
⦁ Epic Eidolon Fights: Against these demanding towers of death, Tenno will need all of their skill, wit, and even the Luck of the Lotus if they expect to survive!
⦁ New Warframe: The 34th Warframe, Gara, manipulates glass to fracture the resolve of her enemies with four Abilities and a variety of new weapons, items, and Customizations
⦁ New Weapons and Reinforcements: With weapons like the Astilla, which shoots slugs that explode on impact, to the Volnus, a lightweight glass hammer that deals a large amount of damage, and Reinforcements like Argonak, the hooked blade Krohkur, and its twin, the Dual Krohkur, everyone's Arsenal will be primed for battle
⦁ Focus Rework: The Operator-Warrior Focus 2.0 changes the Skill Tree to be more combat-focused, enabling players to equip their Operator with distinct Weapons and Armor
⦁ Mag Pneuma Collection: Tenno can harness the magnetic force around them with the new Mag Pneuma Collection, including the lavish Mag Pneuma Skin, Maruta Tonfa Skin, and the Vasa Syandana
⦁ Comic Book Companion: Working with Top Cow Productions, Digital Extremes' first Warframe comic tells a dire tale of war tied into Plains of Eidolon.