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The Crew 2

The Crew 2 "reshaped the USA for the purpose of the fun"

Producer Stephane Jankovski explains how it's not all about realism.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Crew 2 is all about having creative fun with vehicles, and when we spoke to producer Stephane Jankovski recently, we got onto the topic of the 'playground'. When we asked about where exactly this playground is, Jankovski revealed it's not about one place faithfully recreated, but is about a merging of different places.

"Oh, we didn't think that way," he explained. "We thought 'okay we need this kind of playground, where can we put them? We can put them there? Okay let's go'. And so we really reshaped the USA for the purpose of the fun. So sometimes those areas [don't] exist at all - we've just recreated for the fun of the game. So we created swamps in New England. There's no swamps in New England, but it's cool, it makes sense, it's cool, we have a nice area [...] so we took a lot of freedom regarding recreation of the world, well a bit away from the pure realism of The Crew 1, much more around the arcadey kind of gameplay we want to have, and so the world has been adapted to this kind of feeling."

Do you like this approach to the game world?

The Crew 2