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TransRoad USA

Progression in TransRoad USA is all about trailers

We talked to Andrea Fricke about the systems at work.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

TransRoad USA will see you try to set up a trucking empire around the USA, and recently we got the chance to speak with Deck 13 game designer Andrea Fricke about the game, and more specifically about how you grow this empire of yours in-game.

"Right, you can start anywhere you want by placing your headquarters, and you start with one truck only and one driver only," Fricke explained. "You can progress over the country but you can stay in the area you started with as well if you want. You can stay [as a] small company, but also get a very big company. You progress through ranks, first of all, where you have to meet certain requirements to progress through the rank, and you also progress in trailers. At first you can only choose a driver [...] and when you progress in rank you can buy additional trailer concessions, licenses."

"If you only focus on one trailer type our supply and demand system will make it so that this curve of this trailer type will go down, because you overfulfill this demand and then the payments will go down. On the other hand, if you neglect trailer type the cost will go up, or if an economic boom happens [...] payments will go high, but also trailers will be expensive to purchase."

Is this the next strategy game on your list then?

TransRoad USA