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Anno 1800

Anno 1800 made to appeal both to traditional and sci-fi fans

Creative director Dirk Riegert talked to us about the game's setting recently.

Anno 1800 is taking the strategy series back to historical times after a period of sci-fi action when it releases next year, and when we recently spoke to creative director Dirk Riegert we asked all about the motivation to move back to this setting, and what it means for fans.

"So the plans of going back into the history have been already there for some time so there is some kind of masterplan for the series," he laughed, "so we already know in advance somehow what we wanted to do, and the 1800 topic - which is basically starting in the year 1800 and then evolving through the nineteenth century through the times of industrialisation, basically highlighting the second wave of industrialisation in the middle of the century where [...] oil and all those things are coming together - this has been in our heads for quite a long time and we felt after 2205 that it'd be the perfect setting for the Anno fans who love the historical, traditional backgrounds, but also for the fans who love the sci-fi, because we have a lot of new Anno fans who were coming to the brand with the two sci-fi games. So we feel for them the technological approach and topics that are also behind 1800 are also very appealing, so we feel it's the perfect mixture for those two large groups of Anno fans. And also, personally, as a team, we really love that setting."

Is 1800 your ideal setting for an Anno game?

Anno 1800