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No Kinect adaptor love for Xbox One X early adopters

Greenburg confirms that there'll be no free adaptor program this time.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

When the Xbox One S launched, Microsoft offered early adopters the chance at bagging a free adaptor for the Kinect, as the reworked hardware didn't have the same connectivity as the original iteration of the console and Kinect users needed an adaptor to carry on using the once-integral device.

If you're still regularly using the much-maligned camera peripheral and you were hoping to get a similar offer when the platformer holder launches the Xbox One X on November 7, we're afraid to report that there are no similar plans for the upcoming hardware launch.

Confirmation of this comes via marketing chief Aaron Greenburg, who broke the news to an inquisitive fan over on Twitter, where he wrote: "We provided free adapters for a good part of last year following X1S launch, but that program has ended."

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