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Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World's environments let you 'strategise'

They're very interactive in the new game.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

At Gamescom this year we got the chance to speak with Monster Hunter: World's executive director Kaname Fujioka and longtime series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto about the game and the changes made, one of which applies to the environments, which players can use to their advantage.

"The environment itself is such a great way to strategise during the hunt," they explained. "We've made the environments very interactive and you can use various parts of the stages during your hunt, so those are an addition to the hunting action, as well as some sort of helpful sub-weapons or sub-items like the slinger, which you have on your arm and you can use to throw objects."

We also asked Tsujimoto about the response to announcing the game in the west. "Monster Hunter: World was the first time in the series where we had a new game announced at a western event at E3 this year," he said, "so we followed up directly after E3 in Japan with having livestreams and information going on in Japanese to show fans what the game was."

Do you like the look of the environments in the game?

Monster Hunter: World