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Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

Flying on a Legendary Pokémon in Ultra Sun/Moon?

A new Japanese trailer shows new locations and situations.

With Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon launching in little more than a month, you'd expect a bit more info on the game by now, but the latest official trailers have been scarce on details, instead focusing on already-announced features. That's why it's better to every now and then take a look at the Japanese channels, as you can find both new information and some pretty cute songs.

Below you can watch one such Japanese trailer for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and fans with a good eye for differences will notice both new locations (those facilities, for example), new situations, as well as what looks like a player-maneuvered Legendary Pokémon, perhaps flying into the Ultra Space.

But if finding those little details was too much of an effort, please relax with the following video dedicated to Ditto (Metamon in Japan). Be warned, though, it's catchy. What do you hope to see from Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon?