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Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)

2005's Star Wars Battlefront II's multiplayer returns

Want to compare Dice's version with Pandemic Studios' one?

We know many of you are looking forward to testing the Star Wars Battlefront II beta, but the 2005 version of the same name is getting some love as well, and you can even play it multiplayer (you can never have enough Star Wars, after all).

GOG has announced that they've restored the multiplayer portion of Pandemic Studios' Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) and that it even supports crossplay between GOG Galaxy and Steam. It's true that the multiplayer has been available by unofficial means since GameSpy closed the servers three years ago, but this means that it's finally available in an official way.

The company knows some of you probably deleted the game when the servers shut down, so they've also discounted the game on their site so you can experience the throwback action for yourself.

Do you have some great memories from the "old classic", or are going to try it for the first time?

Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)