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The Journey Down: Chapter Three

The final chapter of The Journey Down has launched

We talked to SkyGoblin's Theodor Waern about the 7+ year journey he's been on.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

Today has seen the release of the third and final chapter of The Journey Down, from Swedish indie game studio SkyGoblin, on Steam and the AppStore (iPhone, iPad).

We had an opportunity to talk to SkyGoblin's Theodor Waern at Gamescom about the whole experience of developing The Journey Down, as well as bringing the entire saga to consoles next year, and we also wound up getting a hug instead of the customary handshake.

"It has been a life journey, it feels amazing, and also it feels truly terrifying that we're through this now," says Waern.

Check out the interview below, and we've also got the launch trailer for Chapter Three.

The Journey Down: Chapter Three