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Charla: "I think we've already had meetings for next E3"

We talked to the ID@Xbox director about the process behind picking what games to feature.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

One process that's fascinating to video game fans is the work that goes into the massive press conferences held during E3. Last year Microsoft managed to fit 42 titles (disclaimer: we didn't count them) during their briefing, something we discussed with ID@Xbox director Chris Charla during Gamescom.

"There's a big process that we go through when to figure out what games are going to be on stage at E3," said Charla.

"I think we've already had meetings for next E3 already. Nothing I can share. But when you actually get to the show and the show opens and if you're there it's really loud and there's tons of energy and you really get goosebumps. And then you see these game show up and you know, you've worked with the developer on getting ready for the show. You know how hard they're working, and you know how amazing the game is and then all of a sudden now like millions and millions of people are seeing it, maybe for the first time. It really charges you up."

Charla went on to talk about this from the perspective of the Cuphead developers Studio MDHR.