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Third Latin American Gamelab heads to Montevideo

The conference returns to Uruguay on November 14th.


The Gamelab conference has its main edition every summer in Barcelona (as may have noticed here on Gamereactor or perhaps in person), but the conference has also spawned spin-off events all around the globe, including countries such as Japan, China and Uruguay.

The latter will get a new event this year, as recently confirmed by the organisation. Gamelab Montevideo will thus be the third Latin American international developers and business conference, and it'll be held on November 14th (with surrounding events to happen during the same week).

Following previous AAA speakers such as Ian Livingstone, Charles Cecil, or Richard Lemarchand, among others, this year's iteration of Gamelab MVD will feature Thierry Platon, José Ramón Díaz, or Gonzalo Frasca among others to be confirmed. In terms of topics for panels and workshops, other than the local and international creative scene, it looks like there'll be a bit more focus on esports and competitive gaming. The event is being promoted by the Spanish government's culture department.