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Quake Champions

Tim Willits wants Dragonborn in Quake Champions

Someone get a message to Todd Howard.

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Quake Champions is a hero shooter with a Bethesda twist, with id Software cooking up a PC-only competitive game filled with grizzly combatants and a slowly increasing number of familiar faces.

During our esports-focused interview with Tim Willits at QuakeCon last month, we discussed balancing the champions and potentially adding new ones drawn from various Bethesda IP. One character we asked about was Vault Boy, from the Fallout series, and what kind of in-game ability he might have were he to make an appearance.

Willits acknowledged that they are looking to bring in some characters that people will know from different IP, "with BJ, and now we've launched Doom Slayer with Early Access; it doesn't take that much imagination to see that we've been looking at other Bethesda titles, but we have nothing to talk about now.

"But if we did add something like Vault Dweller - I'll do Vault Dweller instead of Vault Boy - I don't know, maybe like a nuke or something?"

"You know what'd be cool is Dragonborn, with his dragon shout," Willits teased. "Or Corvo, with his blink. Or Emily. I mean, we have so many choices, we'll just have to see what comes up."

When asked what his personal pick would be, Willits said: "Dragonborn would be probably my favourite. You know, maybe we could email Todd Howard to see if we could get permission for that."

It's important to stress, much like Willits did during the interview, that this was in no way an announcement of these characters, and that Dragonborn, for instance, is just top of his personal wish list (though, to be fair, that's a good wish list to be on top of if you're going to make it in).

Still, despite the lack of an official announcement, it's exciting to think about the potential possibilities for Quake Champions and its cast of characters, that is if the developers at Bethesda's various studios can get their emails working.

Quake Champions

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