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Flower and Journey developer reveals Sky

Thatgamecompany's next game heading to iOS platforms first.


When Thatgamecompany, the developers of Flow, Flower and Journey, revealed three images from their next game last November we hoped that the official announcement was imminent. We actually had to wait another ten months.

The talented studio has announced that their new game is called Sky, and the first trailer makes it seem like a mix of Journey and Flower. We're told that it's a social adventure game where we walk and fly on top of the clouds and floating islands to bring light to where it's needed the most.

It'll be possible to do this online with up to seven other players as well, and the developers definitely want us to try this as "Sky is a game specially created to be played, and shared, among loved ones and family".

You can hear the game's creative director, Jenova Chen, talk more about what they want to achieve with the game in the first video below, and the beautiful trailer in the second one.

Sky will launch on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV later this year, but it'll make its way to "other platforms" sometime in the future as well.

Does this seem like another masterpiece from the highly acclaimed studio?