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Star Wars Battlefront II

October's Star Wars Battlefront II beta details emerge

Including maps, heroes, emotes, and more.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Star Wars Battlefront II is one of the most anticipated shooters of this year, and before its November 17 release date, it's getting a beta on PC, PS4, and Xbox One between October 6 and 9, with pre-order players getting to start on October 4. Pretty exciting stuff, but even more exciting is the leaked information we've received from Reddit user Some_Info about what the beta will contain.

In terms of what maps we can play, there'll be a 40-player Galactic Assault on Theed as well as Space Battles on Fondor with 24 players and Strike on Takodana. Skirmish will also be included on top of this, and the beta will have Solo, Split-screen, and Co-op with up to two players too.

The same heroes from EA Play will also be available to use, which means Rey, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Darth Maul will all be at your fingertips, with the LAAT being the "surprise vehicle" in the beta as well. In terms of regular soldiers, we'll also get between five and nine emotes (it's unclear if heroes have these), and you'll earn credits and collect cards for troopers too, although credit will be lost at the beta's conclusion.

According to Some_Info we should be looking to clear 14 to 16GB of space on our harddrives for this beta, and there's allegedly a graphical improvement as well, which should be impressive since it already looks great. Take this with a pinch of salt, since none of this is confirmed, but will you be playing October's beta?

Star Wars Battlefront II