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Anno 1800

Ubisoft unveils Anno 1800

We can take on the industrial revolution ourselves.

Ubisoft has today revealed that German developer studio Blue Byte Games (a studio they own) is working on another Anno game, and the new iteration of the famous strategy franchise is set during the era of the industrial revolution.

Alongside complex city-building we can expect a campaign in the game as well as online matches and a sandbox mode, and if you're wondering when we can expect this, Anno 1800 is set to release in the fourth quarter of 2018 on PC.

"With Anno 1800 we want to make our fans happy [...] to enjoy the well-known and most loved features of the IP and want to combine them with a innovative gameplay experience and a memorable setting", says Benedikt Grindel, Studio Manager at Ubisoft Blue Byte. "We can't wait to share further info with our players in the coming months."

Take a look at the first trailer down below if you're interested, as well as some screens. Does it look promising so far?

Anno 1800Anno 1800
Anno 1800
Anno 1800Anno 1800Anno 1800