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No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky: Atlas Rises detailed

See other players, crash your ship, fast travel, 30 hours of deep story, and much more.

Sean Murray didn't exactly tell us too much about the new No Man's Sky update when he announced it two days ago, but now we know why, as he wouldn't be done telling us about it yet.

The Atlas Rises update is absolutely massive, and includes quite a few things players have been asking for. We're not going to mention every bit of information here, but here are some of the things we find most noteworthy:

• Approximately 30 hours of new story content, including the appearance of a new interdimensional race.
• Improved textures and visuals.
• Procedurally generated guild missions.
• Improved space combat controls, weapons, and AI.
• We'll now get to fly closer to the ground, which also means we can crash our ship.
• Speaking of crashing, we'll now be able to find crashed freighters and search them for salvage.
• There are now wealth, economy and conflict levels to star systems, and the Galaxy map has been improved to reflect this and make navigation easier.
• The portals can now be used for fast travel.
• The variety and visuals of the planets have been improved.
• A new terrain editing Multi-Tool allows us to mould or destroy things.
• Farming, mining and trading have been improved in a lot of different ways.
• Quality of life improvements such as calling your ship and better inventory management.
• There's now "co-op" for a maximum of 16 players.

Noticed that last point there, didn't you? We wouldn't completely lose our minds just yet. It's now possible to see other players in the environment. They are represented by floating orbs, and the game lets you use VOIP (Voice over IP) to have proximity-based voice chat. The really exciting thing about this is that it's just the start of something much bigger, as Hello Games is working on implementing synchronous co-op in No Man's Sky, so this is just the first step.

These are just some of the changes and improvement, and you can read the more detailed list here, as well as see most of them in action in the trailer below. The update is available now, so we'll see and hear you in the game.

Which parts of the update are you most interested in?

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky