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NBA Live 18

The NBA LIVE 18 demo is available now

You can try the game for free and practice before the official release.

After announcing that James Harden would be on the cover of NBA Live 18, EA Sports has revealed that the free demo of the game is available right now, and it's pretty generous in terms of content.

In this demo you'll have the opportunity to try the prologue of the career mode called "The One", as well as be able to create your character and live the first moments of his adventure. Note that your progression and all the rewards you get on the demo will be retained if you decide to purchase the game too, which is a rather smart for a demo.

The game itself benefits from a strong ally for its promotion, namely James Harden, the most famous beard of the NBA, who's a unique personality who has risen to the top of the basketball thanks to his talent and his strength. "When I heard about working with EA SPORTS and being the cover athlete of NBA Live 18, I was pretty excited for the opportunity," said Harden. "NBA Live 18 is all about creating your own identity and making your mark on the league, and I can definitely relate to that. If anybody knows about creativity, it's me."

Last but not least, the demo will allow you to replay the 2017 NBA final between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and just for that, we love it. NBA Live will be released on September 15 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Do you think the game can hold its ground against the NBA 2K series, its direct competitor, scheduled a few days later (September 19)?

NBA Live 18