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Xbox's Insider program is getting a structural revamp

It's now easier to get access to the program.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Xbox Insider program allows users on the Xbox One to test out new features for the console before they're made widely available for all, and Microsoft has now announced that they are simplifying entry into the Xbox One update preview rings, making it easier to become part of the Insider program.

"As the Xbox Insider Program has evolved to enable new and better experiences, so have the Xbox One Update Preview rings. We previously increased the number of rings and changed the names of the rings that provide Xbox Insider community members with a preview of updates," the post explains. "These changes help the development team by providing more in-depth, critical testing data, which they use to then update and refine features based on fan feedback, ensuring optimal user experiences when system updates reach general availability."

"One of our key goals since creating the Xbox Insider Program has been ensuring interested Xbox users can provide valuable feedback on system updates before they are broadly released. We've enjoyed seeing that you, our community, share that same goal. Many of you - especially in Ring 3 and Ring 4 - have expressed interest in the opportunity to share feedback earlier in the preview process. As a result of this feedback, starting today we're better recognising your participation and dedication by activating user-selected ring shifts - available for those who have reached certain Xbox Insider XP and tenure milestones - for fans to enroll in previously "closed" rings."

This update means that new Xbox Insiders can join the Beta and Delta groups, expanding what they can test straight away. On top of this, Microsoft is also providing Insiders with more flexility in how updates are received, so if you get access to deeper rings, you still get access to lower ones too.

For more details, be sure to check out the announcement post in full, but check down below for more information on the Insider groups. Are you a part of the program?