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Nintendo sued in court for the Switch's Joy-Cons

Gamevice pointed out the similarities with their controllers.


After winning a lawsuit in which they were sued for patent infringement with the 3DS, Nintendo is going to have to face court again, but this time for the Switch's Joy-Cons.

Gamevice, a company invested in gaming on smartphones, pointed out the similarity between the Joy-Cons and its own mobile controllers. Initially known for its tablet the Wikipad, the technology was quickly adapted to other supports by allowing to hang the handles on the side of the devices, although they are only one piece. For now, Gamevice doesn't want to communicate on this case but has requested a financial compensation and a ban on the sale of the Switch.

It's worth recalling that this is commonplace in video games and that Nintendo is accustomed to this kind of accusations, like all big companies. In fact, in March the Japanese company won a lawsuit initiated six years ago concerning the 3DS against Tomita Technologies which claimed that the goggle free 3D technology was its property.

Do you see the similarities?