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Switch is getting NES and SNES style controllers

There can never be too much retro.


A third-party hardware company called 8Bitdo has decided to produce different kind of controllers for the Nintendo Switch, and these are different in the sense that they're shaped like classic NES and SNES controllers from back in the day.

These new accessories are named the SFC30 Pro and SNES30 Pro, and they're basically SNES controllers with analog sticks, vibration, motion controls, and a rechargeable battery. They have a bluetooth function as well, so they also work with PC, phones and other devices besides Switch.

A controller named NES30 Arcade is also coming, sticking with the NES controller design, and that familiar 8-button layout that proved so good for platformers and fighting games.

A "real" NES themed controller is already out, although this doesn't have motion controls or vibration, but as for the 8Bitdo ones, you can check a photo out down below.

Do you like the NES or SNES controller better?


Thanks, VG247