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Crossout's new update brings new map, modes, and more

There's no shortage of content in version 0.7.2.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have released a new update for Crossout, which attracted three million players in its first month. This update, version 0.7.2, not only adds Nividia HBAO+ technology support, but also new game modes, a new map, and more.

The support for Nvidia's HBAO+ technology allows the game to look a lot better for those who can use this feature when playing on PC, as shadows from objects and scenery are much more detailed when this is enabled.

Big Black Scorpions, however, is the first of the new Brawl modes coming with this update. The battle royale mode sees players ride in the Black Scorpio buggy, equipped with a Scorpion Pulse Accelerator and a set of vertical thrusters. Those who win this Brawl, then, get not only special vehicle parts, but also reward containers as well.

Clan Wars is the other mode coming with the update, and to participate in this players must join an in-game clan and then select "the most fearsome warriors from their midst to represent them on the destroyed world's most contested battlefields." Impressive weekly performances will then earn you Uranium for your troubles.

Also in the update is the ability to equip vehicles with a flag of your faction, as well as a map called Two Turrets, available in Cargo Race, which sees you drive through two rocky peaks.

For more on the update, including tweaks and changes, visit the game's official website. Which feature will you be making use of first?