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Dark Souls

Dark Souls gets its own kind of Gun Game via a mod

Except instead of guns, it's random gear.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Dark Souls is difficult, no doubt, but a recent mod aims to make it that bit harder, by giving players random gear similar to Call of Duty and Counter-Strike's Gun Game.

"If you've ever heard of gun game from Counter-Strike or CoD it's basically like that, but for Dark Souls and without guns. This mod changes the leveling mechanic in Dark Souls to a more arcade like game mode where you gain levels from getting successful hits on enemies and lose them from being hit or losing a lot of health from a fall," user bqm11 explains on the Dark Souls subreddit.

"The higher your level, represented by your humanity in-game, the better random weapons and random armor you'll get as well as increased stats, health, and stamina. For example, you start at level 1 wielding a very low tier weapon and no armor then after smacking an enemy 3 times you level up granting you a slightly better random weapon and you can continue to level up until you get hit or reach the cap. The level cap, amount of 'heals' you get, and damage level are upgraded by killing bosses (which bosses give what rewards is a secret though)."

More information on the mod can be found over on the subreddit, but is this something you'd like to try?

Dark Souls