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Tooth and Tail

RTS Tooth and Tail launches early September on PC and PS4

Fight a war for meat between animals.

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine developer Pocketwatch Games is working on a new real time strategy game with civilised animals, called Tail and Tooth, which offers a charming pixel look as well as a short, unforgiving strategy experience that can be played solo, online or even split screen.

In Tooth and Tail a war for meat between the animals takes place and it is up to us to decide which side will survive the conflict and therefore get to eat its enemies. There will be four factions, a base building component, and controller support for the PlayStation 4 edition of the game, so if all of this grabs your attention you can watch the new cinematic trailer and see some screens below.

Tooth and Tail will launch September 12 on PC (Steam and GOG) and PS4. Does this sound like a unique spin on the usual RTS formula?

Tooth and TailTooth and TailTooth and Tail
Tooth and TailTooth and Tail
Tooth and Tail
Tooth and TailTooth and TailTooth and Tail