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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

"Much more" customisation options coming to PUBG

The game's executive producer Chang Han Kim assured fans more is coming.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

PlayerUnknown's Battleground has been attracting a number of players in recent months (four million in fact, as of June), and the game's executive producer Chang Han Kim recently spoke to PVP Live about the customisation options for the game, saying that a lot more is coming on that front.

"We plan to give our users much more control over character appearance by implementing Anticto's Mutable character customisation system," Kim said. "Soon, you will be able to design your character to a tee."

This includes options in regards to face, hair, and skin, not to mention the all important clothing, and logos you can stamp onto your clothing as well. Can customisation make PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds even better?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds