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Fighting EX Layer

Arika shows their new fighting game at Evo 2017

Street Fighter Ex characters appear in it, too.

Japanese fighting game developer Arika showed a first impression of their newest, yet untitled project on stage at this past weekend's fighting tournament Evo 2017, and you can see the first in-game footage in the video below, revealing that Arika's EX, as it's known, will be very similar to previous Arika titles. There are already these five characters confirmed too, these being:

- Kairi
- Shirase
- Garuda
- Skullo Mania (from Street Fighter Ex)
- Darun Mister (from Street Fighter Ex)

As the trailer video reveals, the game will launch next year on PlayStation 4 (we're not sure about exclusively yet, though) "simultaneously in North America, Europe and Japan". Arika even announced Beta plans at the end of the year with more details yet to come.

Is this one of your most anticipated fighting games?

Fighting EX Layer