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16-bit Tangledeep coming to early access July 18

It's a dungeon crawler with retro visuals.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Impact Gameworks' Tangledeep is a dungeon crawler with retro-inspired 16-bit graphics, and a brand new trailer for the game reveals that it will be coming to Steam Early Access on July 18, which is Tuesday next week.

For those who don't know what Tangledeep is, here's what the Steam page has to say: "Tangledeep combines the 16-bit graphics and polish of classic SNES-era RPGs with elements from roguelikes and dungeon crawlers to create a magical experience for players of all skill levels. Trapped in underground villages with no memory of the world at the surface, you must survive an ever-changing labyrinth to discover what lies above. Experience rich, tactical, turn-based gameplay as you explore a sprawling dungeon that's different each time you play. Tangledeep features a customisable job system and hundreds of collectible items that allow you to approach each playthrough in a totally new way."

It has been in development since February 2016, and aims for a winter release this year, but the developers say that they're launching in early access to give them time to iterate on the game while at the same time receiving valuable player feedback.

Do you think this combination of RPGs and dungeon crawlers/roguelikes can be a successful one?