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Star Citizen

Star Citizen gets two brand new trailers

They're all about the game's ships.

  • Text: Sam Bishop


Cloud Imperium Games has released two new trailers for their upcoming simulation game Star Citizen, both of which focus on ships, whether they be derelict, crashed, or abandoned.

The first, Lost & Found, is a cinematic trailer showing you the ships in the game, exploring "some stunning shipwrecks and the people drawn to them," according to the video's description.

The second, however, is called Around the Verse, and features a number of developers explaining how the game works in regards to these ships, also revealing that they're creating derelict versions for all the ships. This video isn't just limited to talking about ships, however, as the dev team talk about the game in general a bit as well.

You can watch both trailers down below. Are you excited to get exploring in Star Citizen?

Star Citizen