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Absolver aims for "the beauty and depth of martial arts"

We talk to Sloclap's creative director Pierre Tarno about the innovative shared world fighting game.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

We were joined by creative director Pierre Tarno at the Devolver lot just outside of the E3 premises and had a chat about the intriguing concept that is Absolver.

"The core gameplay is online melee combat", says Tarno. "We wanted to create a system that transcribed the beauty and depth of martial arts combat and so we created a system that's quite accessible, easy to pick up and play, there's not a huge barrier with dexterity, but that has enough layers of depth for a really interesting and competitive PvP experience."

The conversation also touches on how you expand and build your "combat deck", as well as inspirations (God Hand, Dark Souls and Bushido Blade were mentioned), and the narrative structure.

Absolver is coming up on its full release at the end of August when it will be hitting PC and PS4.