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Super Mario Odyssey

Three exclusive Super Mario Odyssey gameplay videos

Check out the best game on show at E3 according to most experts.

At E3 2017, Nintendo did let us play Super Mario Odyssey, but we were not allowed to direct capture any gameplay. We have already told you what we thought of the new Mario adventure (read our preview here, and it was selected as the best game of the show by the respected Game Critics Awards panel. Finally, post-E3 we've been allowed to record gameplay from said demo and show it to you.

Introducing the Sand Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey. We travelled from the surface to the secret areas that are waiting to be discovered hidding from the sun. In just a few minutes, we dressed up like a Mexican singer, rode a lion made of stone and got sucked down by quicksand. But, whatever happens, there is always a moon to be discovered, or more.

Check out the exclusive gameplay below:

Super Mario Odyssey