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WWE 2K18

New WWE 2K18 cover star unveiled

Movie-like video dedicated to Seth Rollins.

Cover star reveals have been a thing for some years now for sports games, as they usually imply licensing deals, the specific focus of the game in question, or even potential plot/character clues. They also spark discussions among fans, that much is for sure.

After recent FIFA 18 or NBA 2K18 reveals, today it's the turn of the wrestling game WWE 2K18, and the cover star has just been unveiled as Seth Rollins. The game motto is to "be different", and 2K links this message to this champion and his out of the ordinary career across the last seven years.

WWE 2K18 will launch globally on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 17. The game will also get a Deluxe Digital Edition and a Collector's Edition, along with a Season Pass for additional DLC content. Here's Rollins trailer and the game's boxart:

WWE 2K18WWE 2K18WWE 2K18