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FIFA 18: with timing and space "you will see wonder goals"

We talk to Samuel Rivera about how they're "taking the next step" in FIFA 18.

Ahead of E3 we visited EA to check out FIFA 18 (you can read our general preview and our look at The Journey: Hunter Returns for more intel), and while we were there we talked to EA Sports' Samuel Rivera, who had plenty to tell us about the changes being made for this year's edition of the game.

"The wonder goals are very important in FIFA 18," Rivera explained. "What we're doing is that we are taking the next step to understanding those concepts from real football that create those moments [...] then put them in the game, tuning them so they're more realistic and you get those outcomes. It's not that we're just artificially introducing, now you're going to see some wonder volleys or something like that.

"So how this works is it's up to the user basically to be in the right moment, in the right context, to decide to do the shot. I'm not going to have the perfect shot if somebody is pushing me, if there is another opponent and the ball is spinning to this side; that's not going to work out. It has to be the good moment with space, then you will see those wonder goals."

Check out the full interview below. FIFA 18 is heading to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 29. A different version of the game, without The Journey, is heading to Nintendo Switch, and there's also an old-gen version of the game coming for those still rocking a PS3 or Xbox 360.