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The Darwin Project

The Darwin Project: "the best have to survive"

Scavengers tells us about a game where survival of the fittest is at its core.

Announced during Microsoft's E3 press conference, The Darwin Project is an upcoming survival-themed battle royale-like online game that tasks players with killing their opponents and emerging as the last man/woman standing.

After the game was announced, we caught up with Scavengers Studio co-founder Amélie Lamarche, who told us all about what we can expect from the game when it lands next year.

"You're eight people with a show director, and you're dropped on that frozen arena," Lamarche told us at E3.

"It's a big arena and it's all snow-covered. So you have to be able to survive [...] and then not be killed by the other players. So how you do that is by first making sure that you're always hot, you have to craft yourself a fire, and craft yourself some tools and weapons, to kill the other players.

The Darwin Project

"But every time you do that, every time you chop a tree, or every time you do yourself an arrow, you leave a clue. This clue reveals your position to another player that will take that clue for a few seconds. So with that what happens is that it creates [...] an overall game where sometimes you know that someone have a clue on you.

"So you will use this information for yourself and try and [set an ambush]. So it's not always best player with the shooting skills that wins, right? Sometimes it's a player who has thought about something. Because then you know that he know that you know, and it creates an all tricking shit in your head."

As for the name of the game, Lamarche said: "We just liked this principle of: you're in an arena, the best have to survive, the best have to compete and continue. So we thought that The Darwin Project was really... encapsulating that concept."

The studio is accepting applications from early testers, with alpha and beta testing due to take place this year, with the game due out in the early part of 2018.