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Bandai Namco tools to improve Street Fighter matchmaking

Licensing deal sees Capcom getting better access to patented systems.

While the details regarding what exactly it is that both companies are actually exchanging haven't been made public yet, Capcom has just announced a licensing deal with Bandai Namco in order to improve the former's online games, in particular, fighting games.

Capcom talks about a Cross-Licensing Agreement for Online Matching, and mentions the Street Fighter series as the very first game that'll be impacted by this partnership.

They key part of the press release reads "improve the user experience while accelerating the production of titles and reducing development costs for both parties", which implies the use of Bandai Namco-owned tools and systems.

In that same regard, "Capcom aims to effectively utilise the patents it has been granted in game series such as Street Fighter in order to deliver even more exciting content to game players." So, other than matchmaking tools, it looks like Capcom is gaining direct access to exclusive fighting game features, such as Tekken's "auto-mode" tutorial for training.

Capcom defines the agreement as "as a starting point", implying there'll be more cross-licensing deals in the future.