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Star Wars Battlefront II

Here are the most watched trailers from E3 2017

EA had the biggest impact on YouTube, but Sony and Nintendo also did well.

The gameplay trailer you just watched for Star Wars Battlefront II was released for E3 2017 (well, technically it was released for EA Play), and it was the most viewed trailer on YouTube between June 9 and 14, which, according to YouTube-Trends, is the period of time relevant when considering which games had the most impact on the platform during E3.

One might, of course, come to the conclusion that it helped that the trailer released on Saturday night, whereas some only dropped during Tuesday's conferences (and therefore might have gotten more clicks towards the end of the week), but, in any case, it's an interesting read for fans.

"We totalled views of trailer releases, industry coverage, and fan-uploaded reactions to determine which game stole the show".

You can watch the rest of the top ten below, with EA taking up four places, Ubisoft and Activision showing their AAA muscle, and both Sony and Nintendo being able to leave a mark with their returning exclusives. The top ten is wrapped up by Dragon Ball FighterZ, no doubt one of the surprises of the show.

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