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Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct to debut on Steam in 2017

Brutal fighter heads to Valve's PC platform.


Killer Instinct's modern reboot first kicked off as a very welcome free-to-play fighter on Xbox One, with a rotating roster of fighters and tons of content and improvements added each season. It then consolidated its position by launching on Windows 10 last year. And now, Iron Galaxy's brawler is finally coming to Steam.

That was confirmed by the dev team after a pre-announcement was released over the weekend during the CEO (Community Effort Orlando) fighting tournament. It's not clear yet whether the game will follow the same F2P model (with alternative paid-for editions), when it will launch on Valve's digital platform, or if it's going to allow for cross-play functionality.

More announcements regarding Killer Instinct on Steam, along with potential Xbox One X enhancements, will be made in the near future. Watch the last character who joined the roster in combat:

Killer Instinct