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Gamereactor UK

Microsoft creating Horizon: Zero Dawn-inspired RPG?

Mysterious title in the works according to job ad.

The PlayStation 4-exclusive RPG, Horizon: Zero Dawn, isn't just beautiful, it's also very entertaining. On top of that, it has also proved a big hit for Sony. Given all that, it'll come as no surprise to hear that someone at Microsoft liked it very much, as has found out the company is looking for people to create a game "similar" to Sony's RPG.

The job ad (which you can find linked here) was posted two months ago but hasn't been publicly known about until now. During E3, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said "we are investing in new things" and that he didn't want to announce games too far away from their eventual release. Hopefully, then, this new RPG might be something that we'll see at E3 next year.

It remains to be seen which studio is developing it, though. Rare (has the studio expanded)? Playground Games (who are creating an open world game</a>)? Someone else entirely? Is it related to Scalebound somehow? At this stage, given the lack of convincing evidence, your guess is as good as ours.