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Gamereactor UK

Sony's Ryan on Switch, Xbox One X, and defending Europe

"We won't let anybody easily, readily encroach on our space."

PlayStation 4 is doing great business for Sony, with an install base exceeding 60 million, PS4 Pro selling well, PSVR performing above expectations, and a dominant presence in markets that as recently as the last console generation, they trailed to both Microsoft and Nintendo.

"First of all," global sales and marketing boss Jim Ryan told us when we sat down to talk during E3, "I think in many ways this sort of increased presence in the space is a good thing. It creates conversation, it creates excitement, and certainly having a rejuvenated and energetic Nintendo back, I think it's a great thing for the industry."

"I think our industry is better and stronger when Nintendo is strong [...] I really believe that."

Ryan then moved on to talk about the company's other great rival, Mircosoft, who finally unveiled Xbox One X to the world at E3.

"Xbox One X, you know, we'll see. We will have been in the market for a year with PS4 Pro, and that thing also is selling faster than we can make them. One in five of all PS4s sold since we've introduced Pro has been a Pro, so we're really happy with that. They will come in November of this year, their price is high, 500 euros compared to a Pro at 399, you know history... we'll see. I'm sure it's a fine product and you know they've obviously done their sums and made their decisions with great care. History tells us when they're at a 100 euro price disadvantage, that it's not easy for them, particularly in Europe, so we'll see.

"They're working hard and they're doing some good things, they're doing many good things, but we've been in Europe for a long, long time now, and we take Europe very, very seriously. You know whether - we've had this conversation before - whether it's localisation, local presence, all of these things, we believe in Europe profoundly, and we won't let anybody easily, readily encroach on our space."

Check out the full interview below.