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Xbox One X: "All of your games will play better"

Nichols: "Many many many games are just automatically going to get better."

Xbox One X is launching on November 7, and Microsoft is pushing for developers to optimise their games for the upgraded console. Several titles, including Forza Motorsport 7, will get launch day patches on November 7, but Xbox marketing chief Mike Nichols has reiterated the company's messaging when telling Gamereactor that even if a developer doesn't provide an update, all games will work better on the console.

"With the way that we've designed the system, all of your games will play better on [Xbox One X]. All of them. Faster load times, if they were built with any kind of dynamic resolution it will automatically take advantage of it, the frame-rate will be even more solid. These are all things that are just going to happen automatically without a developer having to do anything."

Nichols then looked back and reflected on last year's show, explaining how they were sowing the seeds ahead of this November's launch.

"One of the reasons we announced Project Scorpio last year at E3, which was such an unorthodox move, one reason was to give consumers [...] a heads up so that they knew that we had two things and they'd be sitting side-by-side. But another reason was that we wanted to start talking to developers about 'hey, we're gonna have this coming, and if you start adopting technologies like dynamic resolution now, all of your games are just automatically going to be better if people choose this new console'. And there's been really good uptake of that.

"So anyway, that's another way to say that many many many games are just automatically going to get better. If a developer wants to take full advantage of everything, every little ounce of power than Xbox One X offers, that's where they can do special work. And yesterday what we announced was an initial set of games, five first-party games, thirty third-party games, all of them have commited to do special enhancements for Xbox One X. Now this isn't required, it's something that is an option for developers, and we'll see how everybody reacts to what we have to say, and whether or not we should add even more first-party games that do special enhancements over and above the dynamic resolution many of them have already adopted."

For more on Xbox One X, you can check out the full interview with Mike Nichols below.