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Microsoft doesn't see VR as a viable platform yet

Phil Spencer thinks we're "years away".

  • Text: Ford James


One notable absence from Microsoft's E3 presentation was anything VR related. They announced the HoloLens, what they're describing as 'mixed reality', a few years ago, but they haven't been pushing the system anywhere near as much as Sony have with the PSVR, Oculus with the Rift, or HTC with the Vive.

In an interview with, Phil Spencer said that Microsoft and Xbox believe in virtual reality, but that the industry is approaching it too quickly and early.

"We're big believers as a company. I just think we're early. We're years away. For it to really become mainstream, it's got to be untethered. It's got to be something that doesn't seem as cumbersome as it does today. We're going to go through that learning experience with our customers and our fans on Windows for now, and gaming will be a leader.

"I love the progress we're making as an industry, but it's not mainstream yet, whether you've sold 1 million PSVRs or the number of Oculus and HTCs that are out there. I think those teams are doing amazing work and we're learning as an industry, which is all the steps you have to go through. You can't fast-forward the trial and learn the creative and technical processes you go through."

Do you think Spencer is right? Is it too early for VR to become a viable platform? Let us know in the comments.