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Wreckfest out on PC this year, on console in 2018

New E3 trailer lands as THQ Nordic confirmed as publisher.

Bugbear and THQ Nordic just got in touch to tell us that they'll be partnering up to release Wreckfest on PC later this year, with the stock car-themed racer set to follow on console (PS4 and Xbox One) in 2018.

The racer is still in Early Access on Steam, and will remain there for now as the following features are still to be implemented:

- The career mode: By achieving victories, players can get access to more and better cars and upgrade them with various parts
- Car customization: A complex system, allowing the players to fully customize their cars for their individual needs, like more armor to withstand the competitors or more powerful engines
- More cars, more tracks: THQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment will make sure a constant flow of additional content will be added on a regular basis for the remaining months of the Early Access program
- New multiplayer server: To guarantee an outstanding racing and wrecking experience, an Official Wreckfest Server will be opened

You can also check out the obligatory E3 trailer, which landed alongside this announcement.