Rumour: Pokémon Stars only for Nintendo 3DS

Indications are in won't see release on Switch.

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There are plenty of Pokémon fans eagerly awaiting the formal announcement of Pokémon Stars, a revamped version of Pokémon Sun/Moon which many people believe is a given for Nintendo Switch. That would make it the first game in the long running series released in HD for a Nintendo format.

But it seems like that might not be the case at all, Game Freak - primary developer of the Pokémon series - is right now currently searching for people to work on a "3DS level RPG", which most likely is a Pokémon game.

That means even Stars will probably be a game for Nintendo 3DS and that the wait for a proper Switch game continues. Maybe it would make sense for Nintendo to create something brand new as the first Pokémon game for Switch, after all?

Rumour: Pokémon Stars only for Nintendo 3DS

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