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Phantom Halls

Phantom Hall gets Graveyard Shift update

Some new enemies, traps, and more have arrived.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Phantom Halls has received a big update called Graveyard Shift, available through Steam Early Access, and there's even a new teaser trailer to give you a sneak peek into what you can expect.

Llexi Leon, creative director at Incendium, said: "The Graveyard Shift update represents the next big step toward making Phantom Halls the game we want it to become. We're really pleased with the amazing response so far, and have listened to our players' feedback to help us identify and prioritise opportunities. We hope our community enjoys what this update has to offer."

The update includes an outdoor graveyard environment, some brand new traps, a new playable character called the Writer (coming over the weekend), new enemies, new quests, new active and passive abilities, as well as some fresh new combat mechanics.

You can watch the teaser trailer down below, as well as some new screenshots. Which new addition is your favourite?

Phantom HallsPhantom Halls

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