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Mayan Death Robots

Mayan Death Robots: Arena arrives on Xbox One

It's a chaotic artillery-based PvP game.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

If you were wondering what to play this weekend and own an Xbox One, you may well be interested to hear that Sileni Studios' Mayan Death Robots: Arena has just launched on Xbox One today, costing £4.47 on the Xbox Store.

The game includes online PvP, local PvP, and single-player "pandemonium," and of course there's a new trailer to show what you'll be getting yourself in for, including chaotic artillery battles with a selection of weapons, all being fired simultaneously towards one another.

"Mayan Death Robots: Arena is best played with friends, and on Xbox One you can do that online or locally," said Karel Crombecq, the gentleman coder at Sileni Studios. "Making this game nearly killed me, so I ask that you show some respect and enjoy killing each other in return."

Is this the type of PvP game that you can get behind?

Mayan Death Robots