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Sindiecate's Nongünz hits Steam today

And there's a launch trailer too.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Sindiecate's Nongünz has blasted its way onto Steam today, and the platformer, which combines dark dungeons with intense action, will cost £4.99.

In Nongünz you take on a series of procedurally-generated dungeons, which are all populated with monsters made out of pieces of flesh and limbs. You can wear one of nine skulls as you take these fiends on, each granting you special powers, and the more combos you get the more rewards you can unlock.

The Steam store page for the game goes live today at 18:00 BST, so have your finger poised on your mouse if you're eager to get going with the game. As is usual with game launches, there's also a launch trailer below for you to enjoy too.

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