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Tennis World Tour

Tennis World Tour announced



Bigben Interactive just served up some news by announcing a new tennis game. Together with Breakpoint Studio they're making a game called World Tour Tennis, and as you might have guessed it's a sports simulator dedicated to tennis. The game is scheduled to release on PC and consoles next year, and Bigben is not exactly modest when talking about their aspirations World Tour Tennis in the press release:

"For years we've wanted to create a new tennis game, a spiritual successor to "Top Spin 4". Technical evolutions now mean we can create the ultra-realistic simulation that we've been dreaming of", says Pierre André, Game Designer on Tennis World Tour and former producer on Top Spin 4.

We're being promised more information on Gamescom in August, but we already know that we'll get to experience the careers of more than 30 tennis pros.

Have you been longing for a tennis game on this generation of consoles?

Tennis World Tour
Picture from Top Spin 4