Tokyo 42

Tokyo 42 gets a release date (two, actually)

Syndicate meets Where's Wally/Waldo later this month and next.

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We first caught sight of SMAC Games' intriguing-looking title, Tokyo 42, last year (you can see our interview with brothers Sean Wright and Maciek Strychalski below, beneath the pile of trailers and screens at the end of the text), and since that first look it's a game that we've been keeping close tabs on.

Why have we been keeping an eye on it? Because it looks like a mixture of Where's Wally and classic Bullfrog title Syndicate (yeah, not the more recent co-op shooter, the isometric original). We don't have long to find out whether it lives up to our lofty expectations because it's launching on PC and Xbox One on May 31, before landing on PlayStation 4 at some point in mid-July.

Tokyo 42Tokyo 42

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